Executing new Scouting patterns over Davien VI

House News

New Orders, and Spider Mined Miners

    In light of recent joint-operations abroad and recent tragic events of destruction lining the outter edges of the Haveron Industrial complexes. New and reformed commands have been recended and replaced by new policy. These policies ensure the absolute operation of all scouting, and guardianship duties of all parties. Further expanding the resources for defense and offense capabilities and tactics authorized in the field. Along with these new policies is a HH-EO, otherwise known as an Executive Order, outlining the authority of plant directors to override offensive operational standards in absence of a field commander to protect vital tactical and commercial assets. 

    With these new packages of policy, instruction, and orders comes a new threat. New ships, and new toys. House of Haveron has secured new weapons and shipments of spider miners, equiped with T72-DM Anti-Intrusion Mines. All members not explicity trained to operate on the spider miners, have been advised to stay away. As these new toys are set to explode on tamper. These new measures some consider extreme, but in the Davien system, the locals call it good measure.

    This news article is short this quarter due to a majority of factors, but do note that we are always expanding, and always looking for the next good story. Times are hard, the skys are rough, and the jump-points nausiating. Stay safe, and stay strapped.