House Lore S1C2


Chapter 1 - Rebellion

Chapter 2 - The Quiet Hours

Chapter 3 - Brewing Storms

Chapter 4 - [UNKNOWN]

Chapter 5 - [UNKNOWN]

Chapter 6 - [UNKNOWN]

Chapter 7 - [UNKNOWN]

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[A blue lit computer in a barely lit room chimes the time.]
"The time is: 2200, It is time for bed, please proceed to housing to recieve the mandatory 5 hours of sleep allotted."

James Venrick
Crew Chief of Illio Point

[James Venrick]

*He is seen shuffling some paperwork around.*

[The door to the office opens, entering a woman with a cybernetic arm.]

Elisa Shaw
Illio Point worker.

[Elisa Shaw]

"Hey James, fixed the oil leak out on station five."
*She places her toolbox down in a corner, before looking back to Venrick.*

[James Venrick]

*He doesn't respond but continues working in deep thought.*

[Elisa Shaw]

"Hello? James to terra."
*She waves her hand in front of James's face before he finally looks up.*

[James Venrick]

*He rubs his eyes.*
"Oh hey Elisa, what did you say?"

[Elisa Shaw]

"I fixed the oil leak on station five"
*She frowns a look of worry crosses her face.*
"You okay, you we're really out in thought there."

[James Venrick]

"Yeah... Sorry about that"
*He yawns and leans back in a chair, that has long since lost it's cushioning.*
"The maitenance crew found another bomb. It was last night."

[James Venrick]

"I wish I knew who was planting them, even worse is the idea that there are more."
"We thought we caught the guy last night but he poisoned himself."

[Elisa Shaw]

"Jeeze, another one?"
"Did he have the same glowing tatoo?"

[James Venrick]

"Yeah, he did."
*He pushes his screen toward her, showing her the medical scan and a photo of the tatoo.*
"If things continue like this, we'll end up with Haveron Guard down our backs."

[Elisa Shaw]

"Well the halls are talking again, word is out Griffon Point is about to declare independence."
"Doesn't help the fact that the UEE has increased taxes again..."

[James Venrick]

"Well, I'll tell you like I have before."
"Messing with those forces won't end-"

[A loud explosion can be heard in the distance shaking the facility.]

[James Venrick]

"God damnit!"
*James looks around and sees the beam above Elisa shifting.*
*His instincts act first, and before he knows it he is across the room.*

[Before james can reach her, chain explosions rock throughout the desert piping, one detonates close by.]

[Elisa Shaw]

*Screams out in pain as she tries to free herself from the ceiling beam.*

[James runs over and tries to peel the metal beam off the floor to unpin Elisa.]

[Suddenly the lights go out, and something heavy hits James in the head knocking him out.]

[End of Chapter 2]